i said to the sun, tell me about the big bang. the sun said, it hurts to become.-andrea gibson, i sing the body electric, especially when my power’s out (via crieffery)

this is how it ends

E  V  E  R  Y  T  H  I  N  G  goes.

It is awful to want to go away and to want to go nowhere.- Sylvia Plath, The Journals of Sylvia Plath (via scvigny)

We’re obviously looking at a suicide.
It does seem the only explanation of all the facts.

I wasn’t spared. He was saving me for last.

Anonymous said:
im really sorry about your uni issues going on right now and i hope it all works out ♡ also rant all you want on tumblr only dicks bitch against personal posts

im sorry too for all that ugliness you have to read

im just really upset sorry

yeah it’s fine im used to people unfollowing me whenever i say something about myself but thanks a lot

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